White Collar Crimes

The most important thing to know when being investigated for a white collar crime is to not speak to any investigators until after you seek professional and competent counsel.  The stigma for being arrested for a white collar crime is minimized with an efficient and speedy trial.  It is important that you find someone who can effectively and competently represent your case.

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The skilled representation Mr. Geller provides to the accused is a result of his sophisticated knowledge of state and federal criminal law, his familiarity with the criminal justice system, his exquisite courtroom manner, and his steadfast advocacy for his clients’ legal rights.

An example of a white-collar offense is fraud, since it involves financial misdeeds and does not involve violence or the threat of serious bodily injury.  In recent years, The Geller Firm has represented, and successfully defended, a significant number of bank fraud cases.


The Geller Firm regularly represents individuals and corporations charged with fraud, RICO and conspiracy. Mr. Geller has represented individuals throughout the United States charged with medical fraud, legal fraud, Social Security fraud, and tax evasion. Mr. Geller also regularly represents individuals subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud consists typically of filing a false loan document that overstates the offender’s income or assets, or who uses the funds for something other than the stated purpose.  Knowingly writing a check with insufficient funds in the account and cashing it at a bank is fraud.

Check kiting is a form of bank fraud whereby the offender has a check from one bank account and cashes it at a separate bank, knowing that the original account has insufficient funds. Of course, forging a signature on a check and cashing it is bank fraud as well.  Prison sentences for bank fraud can be up to 30 years and carry fines of up to $1 million.

San Diego criminal defense attorney Marc Geller, of The Geller Firm, has been practicing for nearly 40 years.  The Geller Firm is one of the most successful criminal defense practices in San Diego, representing clients in both state and federal court.  Mr. Geller’s vast experience and aggressive representation gives clients the best opportunity to avoid serious criminal penalties.

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