Federal Crimes

Mr. Geller’s nearly four decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney successfully practicing in federal court enables him to best protect you against the intimidating prospect of having to face the federal criminal justice system.  Whether it is directly attacking the prosecution’s case or negotiating the most advantageous plea agreement possible on your behalf, Mr. Geller, is without doubt, the advocate that you want to serve and protect your rights.   With your freedom in the balance and your rights threatened, the question becomes: can you afford not to retain Attorney Marc B. Geller to defend your case?

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Federal Defense Attorney

Mr. Geller poses a wealth of experience defending cases in state and federal court for over 40 years.  His knowledge of the law, personal charisma, exquisite courtroom demeanor, and skill at persuasion make him one of the preeminent criminal defense advocates in San Diego, California.  The very highest degree of criminal defense representation provided by Mr. Geller allows him to effectively protect your rights and serve your interests during investigation, trial, and appeal of your criminal case.  Mr. Geller’s ability to effectively and persuasively communicate with prosecutors, judges, and juries are essential to his success at consistently achieving the best possible resolution of his client’s cases.   The Geller Firm provides clients with formidable skills in factual investigation, crafting legal arguments, negotiation, protection of rights, and litigation.

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